Kyma Restaurant

Truly a feast for all senses
Kyma Restaurant

A tempting showcase of Mediterranean-inspired meals served ingeniously. 

Kyma Restaurant of Anax Resort provides a vibrant yet comfortable setting that invites visitors to enjoy light, refreshing, and delicious meals, as well as a well-selected variety of Greek and foreign wines and beverages. 

It is the ideal setting for a delectable culinary adventure. Dine and wine in the most atmospheric environment conceivable, with outstanding inventive cuisine. 

The restaurant exudes splendor and delicacy, and menus are crafted by a team of chefs with worldwide expertise and backgrounds. There are also available gluten-free delicacies. The staff will gladly explain anything you want to know about the cuisine in detail and will guarantee that your culinary experience is memorable.  

At the heart of this colorful Mykonos resort is an epicurean paradise. 

Kyma Restaurant
pristine beauty of a private oasis
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